Monday, September 12, 2011

Brand Assessment

Last week I discussed the details of Brand Architecture.  Before I talk about further evaluating a Brand Architecture, I wanted to explore the Brand Assessment.  The data gained from researching and evaluating your brand in an assessment is a key requirement before considering any future change in your Brand Architecture.  If you don't know anything about your brand in the marketplace, you cannot make any intelligent decisions about it's direction in the future.

There are two key parts to a Brand Assessment: the Brand Essence and the Brand Communication.  

When reviewing your Brand Essence it is important to determine:
  • Awareness: Are you known in the marketplace?
  • Favorability: How do people feel about you?
  • Function: What benefits do you provide your customers?
  • Key Driver: What prompts consumers to engage with you?
  • Support: What "backs up" your key function in the marketplace?
  • Differentiation: What distinguishes you in the marketplace from everyone else?
  • Personality: What compelling attributes define you?
  • Quality: What is the quality of your brand in the marketplace?
When reviewing your Brand Communication, you should review:
  • Messaging: What messages are the most compelling to your current and potential customers?
  • Name: How effective is your current name in the marketplace?
  • Logo: How effective is your current logo in the marketplace?
The amount of detailed, reliable data you can collect on each of these areas will help you determine the direction your brand should go in the future.


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