Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is the 30 second spot relevant?

No one watches commercials anymore, right?  In the age of the DVR, we zip right past them.  Commercials are old school, they are relics of ages past.  It's all about the web, social media and gorilla marketing via YouTube, right?

Is there any point to a 30 second commercial on broadcast television?  Absolutely!  Not only are they relevant, but they are the best way to build brand equity through brand awareness.

In order to build Brand Awareness, you need to get the attention of your audience.  No other human sense gets our attention better than visual stimuli.  The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" is still very true.  Commercial advertising used to be all about the "sell".  Get a spokesperson, list off your product's features, and tell everyone to buy it.  There was no better way to sell a car or a frozen dinner in the 1960's and 70's than to list off your features and tell a viewer to go and buy it.  It doesn't work the same today.

Today you have to get someone's attention.  You have to pique their interest.  You have to create buzz.  You have to make the emotional sell.  Saying your car is "Imported from Detroit", or "You're In Good Hands With Allstate" speaks louder than telling everyone your insurance has lower monthly premiums.  Connecting with an older audience, while featuring someone from a new generation in a simple t-shirt does wonders when you want to get everyone to ask, "Where's the Beef?".  One commercial, one visual, can spark a flood of conversation that spreads from the office water cooler to the status updates of Facebook. 

Today television presents a great ROI, not just because you can reach millions of eyes at one time, but also because you can use it to drive people to more direct brand interaction and messaging.  The venerable commercial used to be a one-way experience.  The viewer watched it, and you hoped that the message would soak in.  You hoped they would go to a store and interact with your product.  Today a viewer can have instant interaction with your brand via the internet and mobile devices.

Today a commercial that doesn't just create interest, but moves someone to interact with you is essential to a successful campaign.  Want to find out more?  Go to our website.  Want to get great deals?  Visit Facebook or GROUPON to get 20% off your first purchase.  Visit YouTube for more clues and win your very own car.  You couldn't do this 20 or even 10 years ago.  Now you can.

No other medium allows you to reach as large an audience at once as television.  However, Jerry Shereshewsky, a New York City ad agency veteran and CEO of, asserts that if you want to get narrower than a general demographic, you're out of luck.  With today's audience diversification and deep pool of niche channels, this isn't the case. TV is now a target rich environment, and it allows you the opportunity to tailor your message for any specific demographic.  Even better, that demographic is a willing listener.  You don't want to watch Food Network or G4 because you have to, you watch it because you want to, because you're interested in that hobby or vocation.  Viewers of these niche channels are already willing to buy items to suit their interests, and if your product fits these interests, they are willing to listen to you.

Getting attention, creating interest, and encouraging brand interaction are all possible today through the focused use of the 30 second spot. What used to be a multi-million dollar shot in the dark is now a viable, successful option for building brand equity through brand awareness and brand engagement.  Consumers are willing to watch commercials...are you giving them a reason to watch yours?

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