Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Number 1 2012 Marketing Resolution: Communicate Clearly

In 2012 we want to accomplish many goals:

- Sell millions in product
- Grow our brand awareness exponentially
- Achieve the largest marketing ROI for as little cost as possible
- Get promoted to, or hired as a CMO (I wouldn't mind that)

But before you can do anything above, or anything else, here's what you need to do from the first day of 2012: communicate clearly.

It seems simple, doesn't it?

In reality, communicating clearly involves a little bit of work.  Whether you're writing an email, or putting together a message for marketing, follow these steps, and you will be on your way to communicating more clearly:

1) Slow down.  When we rush, we make mistakes.  We say things that we don't intend.  We mix up our words.  Slowing down gives you the time to...

2) Think.  Think about the message you need to convey.  Ask yourself: Who is it for?  How will it be consumed?  What important information needs to be communicated?  After you slow down, think, answer these questions, and compose your message...

3) Review and edit.  You won't believe how often you will catch a typo here or there.  You may have reversed the order of your words.  You might catch a phrase or two that convey the wrong message, or potentially confuse the consumer of your message.

Using this three step method will help you communicate simple or complex messages more clearly and mistake-free.


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