Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marketing 101: Microenvironment - The Company

In this continuing Marketing 101 series, I think it's time to begin looking at the Marketing Environment.  The Marketing Environment consists of the factors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management's ability to build and maintain successful customer relationships with target customers.  Within this environment we have the Macro-environment and the Micro-environment.  Let's start with the Micro-environment.

The Micro-environment consists of the factors close to the business (usually involving business relationships) that affect its ability to serve its customers.  We can break the micro-environment down into specific segments:

- The Company
- Suppliers
- Marketing Intermediaries
- Customers
- Competitors
- Publics

Let's start with The Company.

The Company
Inside the Company (think your business), marketing managers must work closely with other company departments.  They simply cannot work within a realm of isolation.  They have to depend on, and take other groups, into account.  These groups can consist of top management, finance, research and development, purchasing, operations, and accounting.  The reality is that these other departments have a direct impact on the marketing department's plans and actions.  In order for these plans and actions to succeed, the "marketing concept" contends that all of these functions must be "thinking consumer", and they must all have bought into the the strategic marketing plan in order to work in harmony to provide customer satisfaction and value.

Top management can directly assist and fast track your plans, or they can stop them in their tracks.  Finance has a direct influence on your budget, and whether money is available for your strategic plans.  R & D has direct influence on product development (think what you are selling).  Purchasing, operations and accounting all influence staffing, media execution and how well you stay on budget.

So the key question is: how is The Company?  Have you taken a hard look at the relationships you and your department have?  How does the rest of the Company perceive you?  Have they bought into your strategic marketing plans?  Are there any conflicts, or relationships that need to be restored?

Take the next few days and sincerely evaluate The Company.


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