Monday, August 22, 2011

Are you doing anything NEW??

Jonathan Salem Baskin published an article on AdAge today that raises a fundamental "Selling 101 question": What are you doing that is NEW?

It's easy to get stuck in a rut.  Everyone creates commercials.  Banner ads...been there done that.  Facebook page?  That so...last month.  Twitter bomb?  Does anyone care anymore? get the idea.

Mr. Baskin takes a look at the retail segment during the Back To School season.  There are less consumers actually entering stores this year compared to last year.  Traditional advertising (even "creative" ads) aren't motivating customers, as evidenced by Gap's recent 2nd quarter results.  Mr. Baskin asserts that the retail segment isn't doing anything NEW to get the attention of cost conscience, value oriented, highly savvy consumers.

So let's ask the question: Are you doing anything NEW to get the attention of your existing or potential customers?  Anyone can offer a coupon...what are you doing that is unique with coupons?  Tried cause-marketing?  Frequent buyer campaigns?  Here's a better question: what aren't your competitors doing? 

Take a pen and pad out tonight.  Open up your word processor.  Pull out your iPad.  Tonight is the night.  Spend a half hour and think of some new ways to get your customer's attention.  Then do them.


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