Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brand Audit

Have you ever audited your brand?  Audit?  Isn't that for taxes?  Yes it is.  And it can be unpleasant.  However, audits often weed out the things that need to change in your finances.  Brand audits can show you what may need to change in your branding.

Any good branding audit should:

- Identify branding elements that are out of alignment
- Explain why those elements are out of alignment
- Suggest how to bring them into alignment

Two key elements to proper alignments are clearly defined brand architectures, and properly integrated brand identities

In the next few weeks, we will look at brand architecture and brand identities.  Until my next post, sit back, and consider the following questions:

1) Is my brand clearly defined?
2) Is my brand clearly understood in the marketplace?
3) Is my brand achieving the goals it it supposed to be?
4) Does my perception of my brand image match my customer's perception of my brand?
5) Am I willing to take a hard look at what may need to change? 

Going through a brand audit helps you understand the answers to questions 1-4.  Question 5 is simply there to humble yourself to begin this process.


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