Saturday, August 27, 2011



Aren't these terms just labels meant to edify the decision a CMO or Director of Marketing has made where to make their media buys or marketing plans?  One goes the "proven" path, another goes down the "modern" road.

Last time I checked, we don't hire Chief Traditional Marketing Officers or Director of Non-Traditional Marketing-er's.... (pardon my poor grammar and spelling here).  At least we shouldn't.

A CMO or Director of Marketing is in charge of steering a company's MARKETING efforts.  The goal of this marketing is to find your customer, communicate your message, and convince them to give you their money.  Sometimes the most effective messaging medium is a 30 second spot on broadcast television networks.  Sometimes it's a 3 minute video on YouTube that is meant to go viral and attract consumers to a Facebook campaign.  Regardless of the medium, it's all marketing.  And it's only worth doing if it is reaching your customers and convincing them to buy.

Stop labeling your marketing ... and just market.


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