Monday, August 8, 2011

Tag Heuer Drops Tiger Woods

Today, Tag Heuer announced the end of it's relationship with Tiger Woods.  According to Bloomberg News, the watch maker had limited it's use of Tiger Woods in it's advertising since the now infamous November 2009 car accident that led to a series of life changes for the golfer.  Seeing this announcement today reminds me that people are brands too, and they need to be nurtured and protected like any other brand.

Remember, branding is a holistic approach to a company’s position, image, and activities, based on its values. What many of today's prominent figures seem to forget, is that the same holds true for the individual as well.  You are a brand.  No really, you are.  Your brand affects everything about you.  For example, consider:
  • How people interact with you
  • Potential job opportunities
  • Friendships and potential life-long mates
  • Business transactions
Ask yourself:
  • How do people perceive you? 
  • What image do you project?
  • What are your values?  Do people associate you with those values?
  • Do your daily activities properly represent the image you want to project?
Take one of your closest friends out to lunch or dinner, and talk to them about these questions.  Be willing to listen to their criticism.  Take their words to heart.  Take the brand of "you" seriously.  It will affect your future.

Source: Bloomberg News


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