Monday, August 15, 2011

Dropping Consumer Confidence Equals More Marketing

Today's news that the Index of Consumer Sentiment dropped to it's third worst level since measuring began in 1952 led many to predictions of doom and gloom.  Granted, an uncertain economy, high unemployment, and an emotionally influenced stock market is bound to make any consumer timid to let go of any of their hard earned dollars.  However, it's during times like these that companies should be spending an greater amount of their dollars on focused marketing.
Last week I commented on frequency.  Specifically that focused, consistent, disciplined marketing leads to effective frequency.  Frequency is even more important when consumers are spending less.  Why?  Even if a consumer isn't spending their dollars now, you want to be the one they give their dollars to when they do buy.  

Increase your marketing now.  Get the message out now.  Convince the consumer that your product and brand is the one they need when they do choose to spend their dollars.  Make sure you have the leading position in their brains now.  If you do, you will reap the rewards when consumers are more willing to spend money later, and you will be the one making announcements of increased sales and profits before anyone else.


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